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About FortVPS Hosting

We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

Our Physical Address: Del Rial 201, Delta De Jerez, Leòn Guanajuato, Mexico

Phone: 477-482-22-11

FortVPS is providing the most reliable and dedicated servers across the world. At FortVPS we offer you a wide range of windows servers that meet your server requirements as well as remain in your budget. FortVPS are widely used by the small and medium sized web hosting companies. FortVPS servers are compact, reliable and carefully designed to give high performance and output. FortVPS domain and web hosting services are as reliable as their dedicated servers and the prices are very comfortable to your budget.

Why Choose FortVPS Hosting?


FortVPS is offering very reliable products at amazing rates that attracts several clients and made them loyal to it...


FortVPS servers are designed carefully to host your websites and provide outstanding performance for the infrastructure.


FortVPS is also providing domain registration services and web hosting services at very reasonable prices to confront the competition.


FortVPS also offers web designing and domain reselling services to its customers at very cheap rates. Apart from these ModernOne also provide full customer support to overcome the difficulties of the clients and its users.

Inside Our Data Center

Our datacenter are strictly for our own usage - servers can only be physically accessed by authorized employees

Access restricted by security badge control system, video surveillance and security personnel 24/7 on-site Rooms fitted with smoke detection systems and technicians on site 24/7..

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